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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Welcome to C2C Blog!

This is blog #1 - yahoo!!!

I still have my jdunkle.blogspot.com blog and will keep that as my athlete/mom/coach/dog mom/wife/work/life blog and this blog will be more "coachy"  or more things "all triathlon"

I will write about training, racing, nutrition and other triathlon based topics.... bored yet?    But it will be with my wit and humor :)  Not like all the other really boring awesome triathlon blogs.

Come on, triathletes are often described as one dimensional ( as in all we talk about is swim/bike/run) really that would be 3 dimensional but I digress, you get the point.

I do live and breath triathlon....but I also read and listen to other topics.  Today I am sharing my tri and non tri web reading, podcast and apps.

I read online when i have downtime and have podcast t'd up for when I walk the dogs or am in the car....always have good listening.

Triathlon Reading (online)
http://www.slowtwitch.com/ aka snarktwitch

Podcasts (all found on iTunes)
TRS ( the real starky)
IM Talk (love these Kiwis)

What am I missing?????

NON triathlon reading (online)
http://www.nytimes.com/ when I am really awake and feeling smart
http://meetingsnet.com/event-planning for my other job

NON triathlon podcasts
60 minutes
Sticher Radio - more of an app but you customize it and pull form all your favorite radio shows

So that is what I ready regularly....

love to hear comments/feeback or your favorites