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Monday, July 13, 2015

Vineman 70.3 2015 Recap

Swim:  water temp was high 60's/low 70's a bit cooler than past years due to the cooler air temps.  I wore a sleeveless suit and was very comfortable. Water level was similar to 2013 with some shallow spots near the bridge and the turn around but all swimmable.  A few spots I had to swim wide, think of paddling on a surfboard, but other than that SWIM don't walk or run.  I passed everyone who was attempting to run or walk in knee deep water.  And if you want to stand up PLEASE move to the right.   After the turn around - hug the shore as the buoys go in and out- you can swim  a straight line to the finish so look for the bridge not each buoy.  Swim up to the exit, again swimming is faster than trying to run in knee deep water.

T1 is muddy- a towel to throw away is nice or you will have mud in your bike shoes - which I did.  Bike out is far side of the river so rack near the flags.  Note 8 bikes to rack so don't be a real estate hog.  You need small towel, helmet, sunnies, bike shoes and your bike.  NO LUGGAGE.   No dry clothes drop off so they go in the same bag as your smelly muddy wetsuit,  Bring an extra plastic bag for your dry clothes and then shove wetstuit/cap/goggles in before you bike out. It will be transported to finish for you.

Bike in lowest gear as you have to get up the hill.  Shoes on in T1 and run to mount line.  I hopped on my bike and clipped in and pedaled up- better than running up hill in bike shoes. But if you do run up hill stay to the right so those riding can get up.

Bike- first 40 miles new roads and they are amazing. Around mile 5 at Sunset is sharp right turn- I suggest pre-riding that so you are ready.   Enjoy the scenery, it is stunning.  You should be riding aero 90% of this ride.  I was shocked to see to many people riding sitting up  on gentle rollers of the flats on $15,000 bikes with a disc.  If you have a disc use it- perfect course for it.   Aid stations at 18,29 and 40 so plan your nutrition and hydration well in advance so you know what bottles you are going to toss.   How many oz /hour of fluids? How many calories?  I print out my race hydration plan and tape to the base bar- no questions.  Keep the calories coming in on a steady basis vs a calorie dump every hour.  

Mile 40 roads turn to crap and you are at Chalk Hill.  Not a daunting climb just long but doable seated.  No reason to be doing a standing climb- remember you have 13.1 to run. Be mindful people are weaving all over to avoid the pot holes and not looking to see who is behind them.  The roads smooth again for the last 6 miles and it is flat and fast.  Stay aero - NO ONE should be sitting up. If you find you are it means you don't ride aero enough in training, you need to train your neck and lower bike to stay in that position.

When you are passing, say "on your left", it is the right thing to do and keeps people from weaving into you. If you are not passing PLEASE stay to the right, it makes sharing the road easier for all of us.    Don't pass and slow down. Don't pass and sit up and start eating.  Pass and keep going.

T2 moved and is a long run.  Leave bike shoes on your bike as you don't want run .3 miles in cleats on a sidewalk.  If you are walking stay to the right.   T2 is in the grass, a great way to take a final pee, just sayin, sit in the grass and go and put your shoes on.

Run: its rolling hills and it is what it is.  Shaded in some parts. Don't look at your pace gong up the hill, just stay focused, keep your form and work the downhills  Keep average lap pace on your watch.  The loop around La Crema changed due to construction so your run through the Vineyards in a dust bowl- not exactly idyllic.  And with wet shoes it becomes a mud fest.   Coming out of La Crema you have a few climbs left but not as many as on the way out.  Nice downhill finish!

We got luck- high was 86 during the run.  Can be closer to 100.  

Questions?  happy to help..... 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Welcome to C2C Blog!

This is blog #1 - yahoo!!!

I still have my jdunkle.blogspot.com blog and will keep that as my athlete/mom/coach/dog mom/wife/work/life blog and this blog will be more "coachy"  or more things "all triathlon"

I will write about training, racing, nutrition and other triathlon based topics.... bored yet?    But it will be with my wit and humor :)  Not like all the other really boring awesome triathlon blogs.

Come on, triathletes are often described as one dimensional ( as in all we talk about is swim/bike/run) really that would be 3 dimensional but I digress, you get the point.

I do live and breath triathlon....but I also read and listen to other topics.  Today I am sharing my tri and non tri web reading, podcast and apps.

I read online when i have downtime and have podcast t'd up for when I walk the dogs or am in the car....always have good listening.

Triathlon Reading (online)
http://www.slowtwitch.com/ aka snarktwitch

Podcasts (all found on iTunes)
TRS ( the real starky)
IM Talk (love these Kiwis)

What am I missing?????

NON triathlon reading (online)
http://www.nytimes.com/ when I am really awake and feeling smart
http://meetingsnet.com/event-planning for my other job

NON triathlon podcasts
60 minutes
Sticher Radio - more of an app but you customize it and pull form all your favorite radio shows

So that is what I ready regularly....

love to hear comments/feeback or your favorites